Die Bäckerei Open Mic Sessions / Special guest: Goalkeepers Are Different

Thu, 13.06.24 19:00 8/10/13 (nach eigenem Ermessen) Tickets kaufen

Born under the grey coastal skies of northeast England, singer-songwriter Michael Docherty has called Innsbruck home since 2021. A new city incubated a new musical project: Goalkeepers Are Different, named for a favorite childhood book and an embrace of being an outsider, an eccentric, a little weird.

Michael formerly led the BBC Introducing award-winning bands Dear Landlord and Sonny Liston, and has gigged across the UK, US, and Europe, thrilling audiences with delicate guitar playing, soulful vocals, and sophisticated songcraft. Whether in spine-tingling solo acoustic performances or on the 2023 EP Late Gloomer, the Goalkeepers Are Different sound blends homespun folk melancholy with quirky pop hooks and a wry lyrical eye. Imagine Elvis Costello playing Bon Iver, or Conor Oberst covering The Divine Comedy.

Michael simply calls Goalkeepers Are Different “happy noise for sad people.” Loss and grief, faith and longing, mortality and crisis all emerge in cathartic anthems for a better tomorrow. There's always hope, and it’s in the music.
This is Michael's Innsbruck farewell show, the last chance to see him in Europe before he embarks for a new adventure in the USA. He's marking it with the release of a new single: “Scared of the Dark.”
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@goalkeepersaredifferent
Instagram: instagram.com/goalkeepersaredifferent

Anmeldung für Künstler:innen: baiba@diebaeckerei.at
Jede:r Musiker:in sollte drei Songs vorbereiten, Schreiberlinge und Poet:innen sollten ein Redezeit von 7 Minuten nicht überschreiten.
Auf der Bühne gibt es: 1 Keyboard, 1 elektronische Akustikgitarre, 2 Mikrofone mit Ständer, 1 Mikrofon für Instrumente, 1 Notenständer
Hosted by: BAIBA

Door: 18:00
Start: 19:00
Special guest Goalkeepers Are Different : 21:20

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