Svavar Knútur • Ahoy! Side B tour

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Icelandic singer songwriter Svavar Knútur is coming back to Europe, this time bringing a long awaited new album, Ahoy! Side B, the conclusion of a story started 15 years ago.

It will be a night of songs, stories, memories and celebration. Some sad stories, some joyful thoughts, some welcome laughter and some thoughtful moments.

This is not the end, but it is certainly marking a new chapter for us together.

A native of the rugged north of Iceland, troubadour and storyteller Svavar Knútur has dedicated his life to exploring the human condition through the lens of his country's dark and often tragic history and unique melodies and narrative style.

Channeling the angst ridden serenity of long dark winters and the insomnia of the 24 hour glaring summer sun, this eclectic musician has in recent years blossomed into a sublime singer and songwriter. Knutur's songs of misery and redemption deliver a healthy dose of hope in the midst of despair. A humoristic storyteller and avid diver into the murky waters of the human condition, Svavar Knútur sows and reaps a unique mixture of art and entertainment. Drawing upon a wide range of influences, three of Svavar Knutur's most governing ones are without doubt Nick Drake, Will Oldham (Bonnie Prince Billy) and Kris Kristofferson, although such artists as Leonard Cohen, Cat Stevens, Joni MItchell, Nick Cave and many more singer/songwriters have contributed to the icelandic troubadour's development.

Door: 19:00
Start: 20:00

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