Monatsausstellung: "PRESS PLAY"

Fri, 06.10.23 20:00

The Ernestine Collective is an international group of female artists from different
backgrounds and working with different mediums, who collaborate on creating
various exhibitions around the globe.

They are named for Dr. Ernestine Pettai, renowned writer, historian and
anthropologist, who in the early 20th century first wrote about the cultural
significance of storytelling and the importance of women in the ancient roots of it
as a way to educate, entertain and define the cultural identity of a community.

PRESS PLAY is an exhibition combining writing, visual art and performance,
delving into different women’s perspectives and experiences and asking what is
the worth of their work.The first part is a series of seven short stories, written by various artists from the collective.

The second are visual art pieces inspired by the stories and presented as abstract
representations of the stories meanings.
The third is a live performance by one of the collective’s artists, who functions as a
live storytelling automaton throughout the duration of the exhibition, whom the
audience can choose to activate.

PRESS PLAY carries on the ancient tradition of storytelling in a contemporary
context, playing with the concept of reality within fiction.

Fr. 06.10.2023
Doors: 19:00
Start: 20:00

zu sehen bis 28.10. zu unseren Öffnungszeiten