Lick & Listen #2 - Adult Movies with Live Music

Sat, 25.11.23 20:00 10/12/14 (nach eigenem Ermessen) Tickets kaufen

Porn and Jazz, unser beliebtes Format für ein aufgeschlossenes Publikum, wird jetzt zu "Lick and Listen" Was bleibt? Erotic- und Pornmovies abseits des heteronormativen Mainstreams, begleitet oder untermalt von Livemusik. Was ändert sich? Durch die neue Partner*innenschaft mit FECUNDA LAB, PINKLABEL.TV und Anarella Martinez Madrid gibt es eine noch größere Abwechslung in der Filmauswahl und der musikalischen Begleitung.

Also: Komm und genieße einen lustvollen, diskursiven und unterhaltsamen Abend, an dem alternative Porno- und Erotikfilme abseits der gängigen, heteronormativen Klischees auf vielfältige und spannende musikalische Formationen treffen! Positive Sexualität, Politik, Gender Issues, Feminismus und Consent stehen im Mittelpunkt der Filmauswahl. Auch ästhetisch/künstlerisch werden die Paradigmen von Mainstream-Porn durchbrochen. Die Filme werden von verschiedenen Besetzungen aus der jungen, lebendigen Innsbrucker Musikszene untermalt oder umrahmt.

Filmauswahl für dieses Mal:

Sunlight (Thousand faces / 13 min)

A smorgasbord of Vegan Eco Food-Porn, the first part of Thousand Faces’ new Taste & Flow series showcases leafy lust, floral fuckery, and sun-dappled splashes of juices, fruit, and smoothies, as well as the pleasures of non-penetrative sex.

There’s something about a substance on the tongue, the feel and texture of something consumable in our mouths, that is hot as hell and cool as heaven. Liquid in slow motion is intrinsically sensual and all the more alluring when it evokes our inner workings and gut desires, especially when in alignment with the natural world.

VIDA À LA DIABLE by Alexandre Medeiros (20 min)

In the midst of the biggest popular party in the biggest country in Latin America, all tension and misery becomes suspended in the minds for a given timeframe, giving way to a moment of celebration and debauchery. Colors and bodies fill the streets in a state of frenzy that bridges the gap between the mundane and the sacred. Carnival, feast of pleasure and meat. Invasion of plural bodies amidst the chaotic city. Between the limits of light and shadow, the mind hears the laughter of ÈSÙ LEGBA.

This is the moment that girls who live on the edge of marginality have been waiting for; the moment mundane becomes sacred, bodies claim boundless communion of pleasure. Long live ÈSÙ, long live sexuality without laws. LONG LIVE THE CRIMES FOR LOVE!

Heimat XXX (12min)

HEIMAT XXX tells us about a gay mystical heimat-porn. Between the awakening of spring and musty oak forests, it summons a saturnalia of sweaty bodies.

The images of the movie oscillate from misty-eyed sights on romantic nature to harsh industrial rigidity.

Fistfuck by götterdämmerung.

The two parts of the movie correspond with the two seasons: spring and summer, showing vibrating bodies in unison with nature and her metamorphosis. Along the way, aesthetic parallels between the human body and their ever-changing surroundings are explored. From the spring of first romantic feelings to the outburst of raw sexual humiliation – Sebastian Dominic Auer shows the phases of gay sexuality that become a symbol of the ambivalence of life, being showed against the background of rise and fall of nature.

The film should be understood as a postmodern comment on the paradigms of the German romanticist movement. The forest of the Heimat, a central point of the romantic idea, is the place where alike flesh meets and unites in a wild rush.

Uniform Behaviour FIRE SERVICE (20 min)

When the firemen get a call about a couple of young women in distress up a tree, they know they are going to have some fun…
Britain’s hardworking emergency services caught with their pants down! Often in groups of three or four, they’ll do whatever the job requires to serve the public. Anna Span brings you plenty of hardcore sex and a lot of horny laughs.’

Fuck the Fascism: Post Pandemic War-ra Edition (7 min)

After a long time of forced inactivity, “Fuck the Fascism” returns to the streets of Berlin to fuck some monuments and share information about war during pandemic times.

DOP: Judith Torka, Victoria Bergmann

Improvisierte Musik.

Doors 19:00
Start: 20:00
Eintritt ab 18!

Collaboration with Anarella Martinez-Madrid, initiator of Lick & Listen, FECUNDA LAB & PINKLABEL.TV