Ausstellung: Synesthesia

Sat, 02.03.24 bis Sun, 28.04.24 freiwillige Spenden

Synesthesia invites you to experience the unique crossroads between music and visual art by attempting to express one medium (Music) through the other (Visual Art).
Six unique artists set out to visualize multiple musical pieces in their own styles, helping to answer the the question "How do you see music?"
This interactive and immersive exhibition will open March 2nd at 19:00 and will be free to attend until the end of March.
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Looking forward to seeing you there.

Featured artists include:

Michael Stacey
Esther Chiusole
Jack Pott
Rachelle Mina (Langhana Art)

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Zu sehen bis einschließlich 28.4. in unseren Öffnungszeiten