Die Bäckerei Open Mic Sessions // Special guest: Anna Carol

Thu, 12.10.23 19:00 8/10/12 (nach eigenem Ermessen) Tickets kaufen

Anna Carol was born in Bolzano, Italy and, after a period of living between Cologne, Rotterdam and London, has returned back home. During her time abroad she was heavily influenced by her encounter with the soul, R&B and electronic music scenes. Growing an expressive urgency that brings her closer and closer to the world of writing. Writing that tends to look at those complicated and often suffering relationships that populate the reality that surrounds her. A dynamic, transforming, skin-changing reality: in her debut album Kinetics, released in November 2022, Anna Carol in fact does not stop searching. An attempt to respond to a tangle of emotions woven into acoustic and electronic sounds that flow into cosmopolitan-influenced pop melodies.
The continuous need for evolution is embodied in new songs and new searches for words and sounds. Her new single "Colla" was released on May 19, 2023.

Anmeldung für Künstlerinnen: baiba@diebaeckerei.at
r Musikerin sollte drei Songs vorbereiten, Schreiberlinge und Poetinnen sollten ein Redezeit von 7 Minuten nicht überschreiten.
Auf der Bühne gibt es: 1 Keyboard, 1 elektronische Akustikgitarre, 2 Mikrofone mit Ständer, 1 Mikrofon für Instrumente, 1 Notenständer
Hosted by: BAIBA

Doors: 18:00
Start: 19:00


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